Your Delivery: From Start to Finish

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Do you know precisely how courier services work? From start to finish and everything in between, Citywide Courier Service is here to break down our delivery process and what to expect when enlisting the help of a courier. 

It is common for people not to know the difference between postal services and courier services. Here’s the difference: Couriers can provide a premium service that delivers shipments in a short time frame, while the postal office can transport the same parcels, but it may take much longer to reach the final destination. When hiring Citywide Courier Service, we are entirely transparent about the journey of your package from start to finish. 

  1. We can’t start the beginning of the journey without a parcel to deliver. Once customers have decided what they’d like to ship, where it’s going to, and how quickly, they can request our delivery rates. Once they fill out the online form, our team works hard to give them an accurate price as quickly as possible. Customers who would like to speak with us over the phone can call us at (704) 344-0092.
  2. Once we have all of the details on your parcel delivery, we are on our way to you. With your parcel on our delivery van after pick-up, we begin to utilize our transparent tracking system. This system is included with every delivery and offers real-time tracking every step of the way. Did we make a stop on the way to your parcel’s destination? If so, you’ll see it.
  3. Our reliable service continues all the way to delivery. We know that everyone loves to track their package like a hawk. Don’t worry. We have previously been guilty of this too. When you use our service, you won’t see a “delivery delay” instead of the accurate arrival date. As you see your package arriving, our job isn’t over until we accurately deliver the parcel with a final signature of release.

Speak with Our Delivery Team

If you want to know more about our step-by-step delivery process, we invite you to explore our website. You can also contact us directly at (704) 344-0092 or via email at! Customers can also dive into more information on our blog. If you’re interested in using our services, please review our types of services page that will break down each of our various delivery speeds. With same-day to hotshot deliveries, there’s something for every package at every speed.

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