When Overnight Delivery Isn’t Fast Enough

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You’re in a rush for your last-minute delivery. Overnight mail services won’t get the package delivered on time. You may be asking yourself, what do you do now? With local courier services like ours at Citywide Courier Service, we’re able to deliver time-sensitive items using our rush services. Some of the quickest options we offer for deliveries are:

  • Same-day
  • STAT
  • Super STAT
  • Hotshot

Not sure which service will be best for you? Keep reading to discover more about each rapid service that we can provide to our customers.


If you or your business is in a pinch, we provide same-day delivery in our service area. From urgent packages, envelopes, or medical items, we’re here to provide a swift service that gets your items to their destination right on time. No matter the rush, you can track any parcels using our GPS tracking service, which is included in delivery to put your mind at ease when your items are en route to the destination.

STAT Delivery

Do you need a delivery completed within two hours? Some courier services may not provide this rapid service, but Citywide Courier Service can. As soon as you book your service, our team will pick up and deliver the parcels within two hours of its requested time. Packages, mail, medical supplies, and other important work or personal items will be treated with extreme care no matter the speed of service.

Super STAT Delivery

If there is a package that needs to be supplied within an hour, we can deliver swiftly. During dedicated days, routes, and time frames, our team can schedule your one-hour delivery. We offer 24/7 service to the North and South Carolina regions. For booking of Super STAT, we ask that a quote is requested prior. Put your trust in Citywide Courier Service to deliver time-sensitive parcels.


When you have a package emergency, you will need a reliable courier service that dedicates its best efforts to fix the problem. Our hotshot delivery system can dispatch, ship, and truck non-stop. We understand that when something needs delivery ASAP, it can be frustrating finding the right choice of shipment. For smooth, trustworthy delivery, we will take your parcel non-stop to its destination. We will move your items to the top of the list for ASAP hotshot delivery. Quick transportation is no issue for our team. 

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