Citywide Courier Service offers a wide variety of delivery courier services in Charlotte NC, as well as the North and South Carolina regions. We can provide same-day delivery, hotshot delivery, inner-office delivery as well as out-of-town deliveries. Our team of professionals at Citywide Courier Service takes pride in the ability to deliver professional and affordable courier services in Charlotte NC 24/7.


Same-Day Delivery Courier Service

In a pinch, we perform same-day deliveries within our area of service. We can provide a rush on your items for same-day delivery from urgent packages to envelopes and more. All of our professional delivery drivers are tracked with GPS and allow for close tracking by customers. No need to worry about if your delivery will get delayed or not, as we make sure that all of our deliveries, no matter the rush, arrive on time every time.

Same Day Delivery

Citywide Courier Service

Pick Up and Delivery by 5 pm

If a package needs to reach a destination by the end of the business day but isn’t a rush job, we can ensure a same-day parcel pickup that arrives the same day before 5 pm. Our delivery courier services team will ensure that the parcel reaches its appropriate destination by the end of the business day. We can deliver mail, packages, documents, medical supplies, and more. Choose Citywide Courier to be your trusted business delivery for your same-day items to streamline your business duties.

Pickup & Delivery by 5 PM

Citywide Courier Service

Stat Delivery/Two Hour Delivery 

For deliveries that need to be completed within two hours, Citywide Courier Service can pick up and deliver parcels within 2 hours of your call time. If you are within the Charlotte area, we can provide a swift two-hour delivery for stat parcels or documents. If you need a delivery made sooner, please request our super stat delivery, which is made within one hour, or our hotshot delivery, which is the direct delivery of the item with no stops.

Super Stat delivery /One-Hour Delivery

If you require a swift delivery, we offer scheduled deliveries and routes with dedicated days and time frames. We pick up and deliver your requested package or parcels within one hour of your call time. We are available to serve the North and South Carolina regions 24/7. Here at Citywide Courier Service, we take pride in being a courier that you can trust with delivering time-sensitive packages. Please request a quote for our super stat one-hour delivery today to find out more.

Hotshot Delivery

The Citywide Courier hotshot delivery system will deliver any lightweight delivery, shipping, and trucking non-stop. Our company is a team of expert couriers and drivers who are ready to get your package to its destination right away. There will be no stops when choosing our hotshot quick delivery service. We will bring your package or other mail items to the top of the list for ASAP delivery. You can count on us to quickly get your package where it needs to go.

Out of Town Deliveries

If you need a delivery request that happens to be outside of the Charlotte Metro area, then you’re in luck. Here at Citywide Courier Service, we can make this happen. Whether there is a delivery needed on a weekly route or a one-off delivery courier services that you need, our team of professional couriers is committed to delivering packages of all sizes in safe and reliable transportation.

Inner-Office Mail Delivery

For companies with more than one location and need to have mail picked up for inner office distribution, choose our inner-office mail delivery service. Using Citywide Courier Service to deliver mail from office to office or location to location is an effective way to get your company documents delivered. We offer same-day inner-office mail courier services, as we know it’s of the highest importance to save time, money and get their packages, documents, and other mail items quickly and efficiently. Our team will ensure a smooth delivery without any delays. Let Citywide Courier Service help to make a swift delivery of important inner-office mail.

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