Citywide Courier Service

Citywide Courier Service Rates

Time Sensitive We Deliver

  • All Charlotte Local Runs: $15-30*

  • Center City Cheap Shot: $11*

  • For Additional Locations, Contact Us

The rates above reflect our standard base prices. Please contact us with the details of your shipment, or use our Online Ordering System for exact pricing.


Citywide Courier Services

  • Time: The first 15 minutes of both the pick-up and delivery points are included in the base price. Any delay longer than 15 minutes will be assessed a $0.50 per minute service fee.

  • Weight: The first 50lbs. are included in the base price. Additional weight is charged at a rate of $0.10 per pound.

  • Absence: If a pick-up or delivery is not able to be completed due to no fault of Citywide Courier, quoted base price still applies.

  • After Hours: After 5pm weekdays and all-day Saturday & Sunday Regular price is increased by 50%.

Areas We Serve

Citywide Courier Service

The professionals at Citywide Courier Service Preferred take pride in their ability to deliver professional and affordable courier services. And with more and more locations to choose from, we hope to continue reaching a broad audience of owners just like you.

Our main office is located in Charlotte, NC, and we service several other locations mentioned below:

  • Charlotte

  • Raleigh

  • Greensboro

  • North Carolina Regions

  • South Carolina Regions

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