Facts You Don’t Know About Courier Services

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The mail system is complex and can often be associated with courier services. Believe it or not, courier services date back to before anyone had even created some of the dominant mail systems that there are today. To learn more about courier services and it’s history throughout the world, our team at Citywide Courier Service has compiled a list of ten interesting facts below.

  1. For as long as civilization has existed, couriers have existed, too. The first-ever recorded courier was around 2400 BC in Ancient Egypt, where pharaohs would use couriers to communicate.
  2. In the middle ages, the royal courts precisely handled their political communications via couriers. Those court members who executed this job were paid above the average laborer during that time.
  3. There are between 15 to 25 million packages that get delivered per day.
  4. The word “mail” was derived from the word “male,” which previously meant “a traveling bag” and was in no way related to gender.
  5. In 1907 the American Messenger Company was started by two teenagers. The AMC is now called UPS, or the United Parcel Service.
  6. Before Wells Fargo focused on finance, banking, and investments, they were the first official courier service in the United States.
  7. Our business can handle various types of courier services, including medical, parcel, and document delivery.
  8. Typically, the courier driver takes the packages, loads them, transports them, and then finally delivers them himself/herself. Couriers can advise on how to pack and ship an item appropriately but will not pack the item themselves.
  9. To be legally compliant, courier services (like us) must follow HIPAA, OSHA, and DOT rules.
  10. At Citywide Courier Service we pride ourselves on our experienced and licensed individuals who deliver your packages and our reliability promise.

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