Fun Facts About Courier Services

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Do you think you know everything you can about courier services, or are you new to the industry? Either way, we’re giving a few of our favorite and most interesting facts about our industry and couriers themselves. Get ready to be shocked, surprised, and maybe even amazed at the facts to follow:

7 Fun Facts About Courier Services:

  1. Package delivery is over 15 million packages daily by courier services. However, some say up to as many as 25 million packages will go out for delivery a day.
  2. During the Christmas Season, on average, self-employed couriers deliver over 150 parcels daily.
  3. Parcels come in many shapes and sizes. Typically, parcels for delivery come in boxes. However, other parcel shapes are tube-shaped, pre-assembled, self-assembled, and even packet-sized parcels.
  4. We all know UPS, right? You may not know that they were founded in Seattle in 1907 by two teenagers who delivered packages on foot and bikes. (Imagine how long that would take today!)
  5. In the olden days, couriers used to deliver items on foot. Next to replace foot delivery was courier via horse. This new form of delivery was because the Greeks and Romans used horses and chariot, the most common courier method for delivery during their period of existence.
  6. In 1852, Wells Fargo founded the United States’ first courier delivery service. We now know Wells Fargo as a bank.
  7. Today, courier services use many different vehicles. These types include deliveries by trucks, vans, ground fleets, airplanes, and ships.

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