Everything You Want to Know about Couriers

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For a lot of people today, the traditional mail system is not cutting it. In fact, many people often find themselves on the phone trying to locate packages or get updates on their whereabouts. Therefore, more and more people are turning to their local courier service. We’re here to touch all the hot points that individuals should know about courier services for those new to the industry.

The History of the Courier Industry

Many people confuse traditional mail services with courier services. Little do many know that courier services have been around for hundreds of years. Initially, this industry began with messages delivered via foot, pigeons, bicycles, and even horses. Wells Fargo was the first company to provide package delivery to consumers. Interesting, right? Eight years later, the Pony Express was formed to send letters and packages back and forth between Missouri and California. Lucky for package sending individuals, the courier industry is packed full of options to transport letters, packages, and unique items.

The Process of Courier Services

All courier delivery services will vary slightly between companies, but we’ll highlight our specific process for those interested in using our services. First, our team of educated professionals will pick up a package in need of transportation to another location within our service area. Depending on the individual or company’s delivery type, we may pick up and transport many items going to the same place. For example, courier delivery may include delivering packages to customers at their home or office or picking up orders at a store.

Courier Service Delivery Options

Citywide Courier Service offers various delivery options for individuals who need to have a parcel transported to another location. Our team can provide 24/7 courier services at an affordable price. Some of the delivery options that we offer are:

  • Same-day delivery: We can provide this service within the regions of North and South Carolina. Citywide Courier Service accepts urgent parcels that require transportation within the same business day. These packages will arrive without delay.
  • Pick up and delivery by 5 pm: For those who need same-day delivery, but without the rush, our team will pick up and deliver packages by 5 pm. Individuals can use this service for mail, packages, sensitive documents, medical supplies, and more.
  • Stat delivery: If an individual needs to send an item right away, we offer stat delivery which means that any items procured will be delivered within a two-hour time frame.
  • Super stat delivery: Deliveries can be made within one hour for those are choose this rush service. This service requires local delivery only.
  • Hotshot delivery: For any lightweight parcels that need delivery, hotshot service is the right option. We deliver items to their destination with no stops in between. It’s a straight shot from the beginning to the end of its journey.
  • Out-of-town delivery: If the destination you are looking to send mail to is out of our local area, Citywide Courier Service offers deliveries outside of the Charlotte Metro area. Our team can swiftly handle weekly routes or on-and-off deliveries.
  • Inner-office delivery: Many companies have more than one location that they work from. In this case, our team is available to pick up from one place for distribution to another. Getting time-sensitive documents to another building is a breeze using our inner-office mail delivery service.

How to Track Delivery

No longer will deliveries be lost in the hustle and bustle of traditional mail services. Here at Citywide Courier Service, we offer every one of our customers an included GPS tracking system to track their package. We take pride in being fully transparent with our customers. With that said, the tracking system is user-friendly and will update along the entire journey of the mailed items until they reach their final destination. We believe that this feature makes our courier service one of the best, and our customers agree!

Contact Citywide Courier Service

To learn more about the courier industry or the services that we provide at Citywide Courier Service, please contact us by phone at (704) 344-0092 or via email at onlineorders@citywidecouriersvc.com. You can also follow our social platforms to keep updated on the latest service updates and industry news. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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