Courier Service Delivery: How Covid-19 Affects Business

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Although Covid-19 is ramping down thanks to the vaccine, our company is still taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our customers. Throughout our many years in business, we have always taken extreme care of each courier service delivery. However, now we are taking a few extra precautions. These precautions include making it mandatory that our team is wearing masks and gloves. These extra steps are in place to ensure safe delivery to every destination. Please continue reading to learn how we are keeping customers in mind during this pandemic.

Safety Precautions for Delivery

Our extra measures of cleanliness are nothing new. Now we are ramping them up even more. Every one of our couriers now carries cleaning and sanitizing products in their vehicles before and after delivery. In addition, every morning and night, Citywide Courier Service sanitizes the courier vehicles to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape. We are closely following CDC guidelines that are in place for our area.

Each one of our couriers is also temperature checked before they can begin their workday. If any of our team members have symptoms of Covid-19 or are running a fever, we do not let them work or come in contact with parcels. We tell these employees to go home immediately. 

Our Couriers are Social Distancing

Our team of couriers can maintain social distancing regulations throughout the entire delivery journey. Citywide Courier Service offers a GPS tracking system in all of our services. With this tracking system, our customers can see when we pick up their delivery, where it’s at, and when delivery is complete without contacting the courier personally. We will leave packages at the door after notifying the customer. However, if parcels require a signature, we ensure that proper protective equipment is worn. We will wipe down pens and signature tools before and after use.

Stay Safe with Citywide Courier Service

Citywide Courier Service is doing everything we can to keep our customers and ourselves safe while delivering timely packages and documents. To learn more about the daily precautions that our teams take, please contact us at (704) 344-0092 or via email at For other frequently asked questions, customers can follow our social platforms. By reading our blog and following our social media, individuals can stay updated on our latest services and industry news. Connect with us on Facebook and Instagram today! We look forward to safely receiving and delivering packages with you.

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