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We are waiting for the opportunity to serve your delivery needs. We want to be the Quick Courier Service for you! Please contact us to get a detailed quote, arrange to bill or learn about a new career opportunity. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with company news or if you just want to say hello to your favorite local delivery courier!

Why Hire A Quick Courier Service?

Maybe you know you want to use a local courier service, but you’re unsure if you should hire us over other potential options that you may have? Allow us to explain what it is that makes our local courier service a step above the rest.

  • Professionalism: Other courier services only have one goal in mind: deliver the package as quickly as possible. While we also believe in providing quick delivery, we want to ensure that all packages are delivered with a level of professionalism. This means no tossing packages, no arguing with customers, and always providing deliveries with a smile on our faces. Our well-trained team will display professionalism at all times.
  • Affordability: Why pay extra for a delivery that is just going across the city? Large national brands are going to charge you top dollar for something that we can handle at a far more affordable price. Not to mention, we will handle it more quickly, too.
  • Reliability: Along with speed comes reliability. If you request that we deliver a package on a certain day within a certain time frame, as long as we agree to it, that is when you are going to have your package delivered. National courier services may take longer with fewer guarantees. How many times have you been waiting on a package that was supposed to arrive on Thursday only for it to arrive on Friday? Citywide Courier Service strives to make sure this never happens


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